The Power of the Side Hustle

There are hundreds of potentials ways to make money in your spare time. Just search for side hustle ideas online and you’ll get blog after blog listing potential side hustles.

From my standpoint, I recognise three types of side hustles. The first is simply trading time for money. You will spend hours working for someone else, in exchange for pay. This is the easiest type to break into, but also the least scalable.

The second type is already more passive, but still requires your attention. An example would be buying and selling things online, a.k.a. flipping.

The third and most passive type of side hustle is something that takes time and dedication to setup, but will then spit out money without you having to trade hours of your life for that money. An example would be a web site that is generating revenue. This type of side hustle is the most scalable, but also the hardest to achieve.

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