September 2018 financial overview

We’re well into October 2018 already, so here’s my financial and personal overview of September!


Financially speaking, September was not a really good month. My savings rate was quite low, since I replaced my laptop. As an almost religious YNAB follower I saved up for the replacement, but still it’s quite a bit of money out of pocket. My year to date savings rate is still 41.2%, so slightly above my 40% target.

The outlook for next month’s savings rate is also not really good, as HR messed up my pay check for September by not withholding enough taxes. That will be corrected in October, so my net income will definitely be lower than usual.

In September I also signed the paperwork at the notary to refinance my apartment. I went there, signed on the dotted line, walked out. A day later, more than 26,000 euros arrived in my bank account. I immediately put that money to work according to my investment strategy of investing 50% in low cost index tracking ETFs and 50% in cash to save for a real estate investment.

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How was your September? Let me know in the comments below.

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