Guest Post: Why I Still Live in a Shared Apartment

This guest post today is written by M @ Radical FIRE. She’s a 24-year-old financial consultant who’s passionate about financial independence and retiring early. She wants to take you with her on her journey to become financially. Please give a warm welcome to M!

Since I graduated in September 2017, I’ve moved out of my shared student apartment and back to my parents. Because I went travelling September – December 2017, I didn’t want to have the extra costs of paying my rent. When I came back from travelling, I searched for a job not selecting any specific area, so I still lived at my parents for a few months until I knew where I was going to work. 

When I found a job in the city I currently live in, I found out that the traffic during rush hour was dreadful. I spent 2 hours driving on over 100 kilometers, so that driving in traffic was killing me. I was leaving to work at 6:30 am and coming home at 7 pm. After a week, I was completely drained. I was too tired to do anything fun on the weekends, but also I wasn’t delivering to my fullest at my client during the day. That’s when I decided I wanted to move, ASAP. I mean living at my parents’ wasn’t too bad, they took care of me very well and they cooked my food (a huuuge time saver). But, I couldn’t take the commuting 4 hours per day any longer! 

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