Peter Principle in Practice

It’s a long time ago I posted something in my Thoughts on Tuesday category. Here’s one for you, the Peter Principle. I first heard of this in a management podcast and since am seeing it all around me. Here’s something to think about on your Tuesday.

The Peter Principle goes on the assumption that people are either too competent for their job level, or slightly incompetent. This is a direct result from promotions; when you promote employees who are doing a great job, they find themselves in more difficult jobs after every promotion.

With every promotion, your level of competence matches the job description more and more. Until that final promotion. You have struggled in your previous job but by sheer hard work and dedication, you managed to book some results. Management sees this, obviously, and decides to promote you. Boom! Now you’re in a position where you’re slightly incompetent, it’s one step too much for you.

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